Energy Modelling Training I

The first training under the project was held on 10 - 14 December 2018 in Ankara, with participation from MENR experts. The training, which aims to enhance the institutional capacity of MENR and its affiliated institutions on energy sector modeling and projection and planning, offered a series of lectures on basic concepts, macroeconomics, sustainability and productivity, including a review of energy planning operations in select EU countries.

The documents from the 5-day training can be found below:

Day 1 - Fundamental Macroeconomic Analysis and Its Relationship with Energy Supply and Demand
Day 2 - Future De-coupling of Economic Growth and Energy Consumption: Efficiency and Sustainability
Day 3 - Basic Concepts and Notions in Energy Modeling and Definitions
Day 4 - Introduction and Analysis of Energy Balance Tables 
Day 5 - Energy Planning Practices in Select EU Countries 

Energy Consumption and GDP in Turkey